Joy of the Holiday Season

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The Joy of the Holiday Season is upon us! I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

As many are getting buried in the snow, WE wish you a Merry NON-Snowing Christmas from Utah's Dixie!! WE enjoy beautiful red cliffs. We see the snow from a distance on Pine Valley Mountain, no snow removal required from the comfort of your home. 

The photo above is my depiction of "Comparing Apples with Apples". Like Real Estate not all homes are alike but similar. Let's find your " Dream Apple" I mean "Dream Home" that you desire before the market gets over picked.

Over the last week I have had several buyers reach out to me because rates inched down just a bit!
With all this chatter going on about rates going down in 2024 - can you imagine how many buyers are sitting on the sidelines right now waiting for rates to dip?
When these sidelined buyers decide to make a move it will be much more competitive and homes will most likely sell over asking due to supply and demand. 

If you are wanting to buy, but think you need to wait for rates to drop down, reach out and let’s see if you are in a better position to buy now. If you buy before the competition hits you will be saving $$$$ on the home. When rates do go down more than a half a point you can then refinance and still be in your home without overpaying.
Call me and let's discuss a strategy that works for YOU, 702-994-4191. I’m here to answer your questions and be your Real Estate Consultant.
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