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Elmhurst Market Statistics for July

Prior 12 months property sales decreased from 619 in 2018 to 547 in 2019.  July 2018 property sales vs July 2019 property sales increased from 67 to 72 homes sold. Prior 12 months average sales price decreased 4.3% from $561,187 in 2018 to $537,253 in 2019.  The July Average Sales Price decreased 14.3% from $546,721 in July 2018 to $468,516 in July 2019. The July 2018 vs. July 2019 median price decreased 18.1% from $463,100 to $379,500. The July Average Days on Market (DOM) increased from 74 in July 2018 to 93 in July 2019.

The July 2019 MSI of 4.99 months was at its lowest level compared with July of 2018. A comparatively lower MSI is more beneficial for sellers while a higher MSI is better for buyers. Remember, 5.5 months is considered a “balanced” market by most. 

The Selling Price vs Listing Price reveals the average amount that Sellers are agreeing to come down from their list price. The lower the ratio is below 100%, the more of a Buyer's market exists; a ratio at or above 100% indicates more of a Seller's market. The July 2019 Selling Price vs. List Price of 94.4% decreased 1.4% from 95.7% in July of last year.

The Power of Children Comes to Elmhurst History Museum


Elmhurst History Museum is offering guests a unique opportunity to step into the world of three extraordinary children of the twentieth century: Anne Frank, Ruby Bridges, and Ryan White.

“The Power of Children: Making a Difference” opens on Sept. 6 and is a traveling exhibit from The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. Using audio-visual presentations, original artifacts, and hands-on interactions, the exhibit allows visitors to immerse themselves into each child’s life and learn their story.

Visitors will be able to see the Secret Annex where Anne Frank and her family spent two years in hiding, the first grade classroom where Ruby Bridges spent an entire school year alone with her teacher, and Ryan White's bedroom where he found refuge during his years of being ostracized during the AIDS crisis.  

As a Jewish teenager during World War II, Anne Frank spent two years hiding in an attic with her family during the Holocaust. She kept a diary during this time, which was published after her death in a concentration camp. The Diary of a Young Girl details her life in hiding, as well as her optimism for the future. It has become one of the best-known books around the world and is required reading at many schools.

Ruby Bridges was one of the first black students to integrate schools in the American South. In 1960 at age 6, she became the first black student to enroll in the white school system of New Orleans. For the first year she attended, federal marshals had to escort her into the building, and she worked one-on-one in a classroom with her teacher.

Ryan White was an American teenager who contracted AIDS after a routine blood transfusion necessary for his hemophilia. Residents of his hometown protested against him being allowed to return to school, and a lengthy court process garnered nationwide attention. He became an advocate for AIDS rights and a celebrity before his death at age 18.

The exhibit brings to life the prejudice and hatred that Anne, Ruby, and Ryan faced, but also their resilience and overall optimism. Museum organizers hope visitors will come away with a stronger perspective of the three children and the times they lived in, as well as be inspired by the difference they were able to make.

The exhibit is recommended for children ages 8 and older who are accompanied by families or school groups. It will only be in town for a short time: Sept. 6-Oct. 13. Admission is free. For more information, visit elmhursthistory.org.

For questions about any of the museums in Elmhurst (we are so lucky to have four) or information about life in our town, please reach out to us at (630) 441-5570 or through our website, www.gmregroup.com.


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