In this digital age, it’s becoming increasingly easier to imagine a world without paper mail. However, there are still many reasons to keep your address records updated as soon as you relocate to a new home.
Don’t disappoint Grandma with a  “Return to Sender” stamp on the birthday card she sent! Here is a quick list of accounts that you’ll want to notify of your new address:

Insurance companies: Health, Car & Home owners. Moving from a city to a quiet suburb? Talking with your car insurance provider about your new address could mean a change in your insurance rate!

Utilities: When you move out, make sure to notify your gas and electric companies to close your account. The new home owners do not have the ability to close your account for you. To avoid having their usage & billing in your name, make this change as soon as possible. If it does slip your mind or you wait a few weeks, don’t worry, you can tell them the date that you moved, and they can retroactively send the billing for those dates to the new home owners under their new account.

Credit Cards & Banks:  Keep your financial information private and protected by updating them of your new billing address.

Cable, phone, and internet services: Luckily these are more commonly bundled nowadays to make updating your services easier.

Memberships: If you are an iPass customer, or a gym member, keep them up to date for notifications, billing, and account information.

Schools: In addition to your children’s school, don’t forget to update your alma mater as well.

Doctors & Veterinarians: Update your doctor as well as your pet’s veterinarian. We can sometimes fall behind on our furry friends’ visits for checkups or shots, and most vets send helpful reminders to let you know if your pet is due for anything.

Magazine or periodical subscriptions: Don’t let the next home owners inherit your TIME & Sports Illustrated!

Online Shopping Networks: Amazon, Groupon, eBay… if you shop online- don’t forget to change the shipping address. These accounts save your information and automatically send to the address they have on file unless you change your “default” shipping address. Delete old addresses and get your new address set up on your accounts all at once, and you won’t have to keep changing setting for months after you’ve moved.

And of course, don’t forget relatives!

Buying a home and all that comes with a move can be overwhelming, but we are here to help you through the process each step of the way. If you’re ready to get started, feel free to contact us at or call us at 630.441.5570!