Maria and I always say send us your questions or we're here to help. It looks like you’ve been listening because you do e-mail us and call us with your questions.  Lately, there is one re-occurring theme that we are getting from our friends, family and clients - questions about their real estate taxes.

True to our word, we listened and recently attended a seminar on appealing your real estate taxes in today's economy so we can give you well informed answers. We were more than impressed with the seminar lead by keynote speaker, Attorney Anastasia M. Poulopoulos.

Here are the most important take home points we pulled from it.

There are 3 Fundamental Keys to a Reduction:

1) Uniformity - The Assessed Value Approach
2) Over Valuation - The Market Value/Sales Approach
3) Property Description Error - The Factual Error Approach

There are 4 Reasons for Failure:

1) Time
2) Missed Window of Opportunity
3) Inadequate Evidence
4) Inadequate Presentation Skills

The bottom line of the seminar was to help people through the mystery of the tax appeal process to lower your real estate taxes on your own. Information on the DuPage County appeal process can be found here. Or visit to find out more information on future seminars.

For further information, please contact your tax assessor's office.  For professional advice or representation, our recommendation is to contact Anastasia M. Poulopoulos, her phone number is 312.545.9252.

When we say we're here to help, we really mean it.  Keep the calls and emails coming – we promise to answer!