Now that the weather is getting a little chillier, we are all less inclined to spend our weekends outside and more inclined to find new indoor hangouts in Elmhurst Illinois. A trip to the movie theatre is always a fun activity, but it is even more fun when you live in Elmhurst IL Real Estate. You see, Elmhurst is home to the historical York Theater…

Built in 1924, the York Theatre is an iconic landmark on Elmhurst soil. When it officially opened on Labor Day it boasted a Spanish motif, an ornate marquee and a $20,000 Barthold pipe organ (source:

Sixty years and many design changes later, the Classic Cinemas theater company acquired it and did some extensive renovation to return it to its original state. They re-established its Spanish decor, polished its light fixtures and re-lit and restored the iconic marquee. There was even an archeological dig to uncover the original orchestra pit that now holds a seven rank Barton pipe organ.

Although the history was brought back into this Elmhurst treasure, that didn't mean there wasn't room for improvement. Beginning in 2003, an expansion project was developed that involved renovations and additions that would soon turn the theater into an Elmhurst staple.  By 2006, the expansion was complete. Today, the theater boasts 9 total auditoriums, stadium seating, a redesigned lobby with an expanded refreshment stand, two party rooms, digital surround sound, and digital 3D on two screens.

When you visit the theater in Elmhurst, Illinois, you can go there for more than the matinee; you also get a little taste of history. The second floor houses the museum and archives of the Theatre Historical Society of America. The gallery features changing exhibits and artifacts from the golden age of American Movie Palaces. With a simple stroll around the building, you really feel surrounded by the movie magic that you just can’t find today’s theaters.

For a little Halloween fun, stop by the York Theatre on Saturday October 30th in your Halloween costume for a free movie showing of Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium at 10:15 am. If you didn't get enough candy during the movie, take advantage of the Trick or Treating at participating stores in the Elmhurst City Centre.

As Elmhurst Illinois Real Estate Agents and long time residents, we know our town pretty well. We’re always happy to share fun places to go and things to do with you. Whether you just moved to Elmhurst Illinois, you are a long time Elmhurst resident, or you are looking to buy a home in Elmhurst Illinois, we are here to help. Don’t hesitate to give us a call.  

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