Think your home will sell itself? Think you can sell it yourself? Think twice.’s CEO recently enlisted the help of a licensed Realtor to sell his own home!
When the CEO of a company built on the idea that you can (and should) sell your own home doesn’t dare to do it himself, what does this white flag say to the hundreds of thousands of people who believe him when he says they don’t need a Realtor?

Realtors are more than just middle-men between yourself and your home’s future buyer. Realtors have networks, strategies, marketing power, and personalized support and service.
They’ve breezed through successful sales, and they’ve probably navigated some rough ones too. They know what you can expect, what you deserve, and they are able to offer guidance and answer your questions in a simple friendly phone call, rather than sifting through Google search results when you go it alone.  A licensed Realtor will also make sure you’re covered when it comes to lawful disclosures and legal paperwork, something a lot of FSBO cases often regret when they end up having trouble down the road.

Sometimes there is more to an Open House than you think. Sure, you heard you should bake cookies or light candles, but licensed Realtors have deal-sealing, home-selling knowledge that can only come from years of experience. Your home may have a lot of features that you may miss as selling points or advantages over comparable properties. Likewise, agents also know what less-desirable features you may want to down-play or update.  What about the area? You may be able to recommend a great take-out place around the corner if someone were to ask you, but a Realtor is armed with school ratings, area info, and resources that the average FSBO seller may not have so accurately or easily on-hand.

When you list your home on your own, you may be keeping your home off the radar of your perfect buyer. Home seekers who enlist the help of a Buyers Agent to find a home will be shown homes by the agent where the agent will be paid.  And imagine the carloads of families touring this weekend’s Open Houses just passing yours by, because you are not listed in the MLS. It is much harder to get your home any visibility or attention without the help of agencies.

People who sell their own homes learn that it’s a much more personal transaction than a strictly-business transaction.  Using representation provides a buffer between buyer and seller to be honest, voice concerns, and negotiate with a lot less personal tension.

Would you buy a Ford from a salesman who drives a Chevy? If’s opt to enlist a professional for the job tells us anything, it’s that home-selling is simply not a DIY project. Save yourself the trouble and frustration, and hire a Realtor.
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