With warmer weather, melting snow, and cleared streets here in Elmhurst, Gracik Makinney sees motivated sellers and buyers shaking off the winter doldrums and returning to real estate once again.

The Blizzard of 2011 dumped around two feet of snow in DuPage County and Elmhurst and people were more concerned with the roads and shoveled walkways and buying or selling real estate may have been the furthest notion from their minds. The warming weather marks a rejuvenated market with rejuvenated home buyers and sellers and we are accepting more appointments as the mercury rises.

Melted snow allows a cautious home buyer to see potential homes in all their glory. Clear views of the roofline, a glance at the landscaping, and a complete idea of a potential new home’s curb appeal can be enjoyed without pesky snow blocking the view. New home buyers can even get awa with wearing a heavy jacket as they walk cleared sidewalks to visit homes and attend showings.

If you were holding off on looking for a new home or selling your home until the effects of the blizzard wore off, now is the time. Take advantage of the Spring-like temperatures and contact Gracik Makinney to set up some home tours or showings.