Van Voorst Park, adjacent to Jefferson School, will be the first park in Elmhurst to go pesticide-free. Although initially that might mean a few more weeds, the benefits could have a tremendous impact. Pesticides have been linked to numerous health issues, including asthma, ADHD, cancer, and reproductive problems.
During the trial run, the park district has pledged that extra care will be given in mowing and weed removal, and all regular park maintenance will be continued.
The Elmhurst Park District, the Elmhurst Cool Cities, and the Midwest Pesticide Action Center selected the park for its location as well its amenities, including a ball diamond, soccer field, picnic tables, and playground.
In addition to health hazards from pesticides, storm water runoff carries insecticides and fertilizers into the ecosystem, harming aquatic fish and plans, and threatening drinking water. According to the EPA, each year American homeowners, businesses, schools, and park districts apply more than 89 million pounds of fertilizers and pesticides on their lawns.
The Elmhurst Cool Cities Coalition is comprised of citizens, businesses, non-profit organizations, congregations, government, and schools working together to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable solutions in Elmhurst through education, outreach and community action.
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