The official Trick-or-Treating date and time in Elmhurst Illinois is Sunday, October 31st from 3:30 pm - 7:30 pm.  The kids have most likely been waiting for this day all month and now the night has finally arrived! They’ve got their costume strapped on, their candy bag held tight, and they are probably already amped up on candy from their Elmhurst school Halloween party. Before they go bolting out the door of your Elmhurst home, make sure to sit them down and go over with them the following classic trick-or-treating safety tips.

Six Tips for Trick-or-Treating in Elmhurst, Illinois

1) Costume Safety: As detailed and extravagant as some
costumes can be, try to remember that your child will be walking around in this costume - late at night, in the dark, for long distances. Make sure that the costume is hemmed to avoid trips and falls. Also, it is a popular trend now for kids to apply reflective tape to their costumes so that they can be seen in the dark. At the very least, toss them a glow stick before they leave the house so that they stand out to night drivers.

2) Stay Where You Know: Plan your Trick-or-Treating route ahead of time so that there are no lost stragglers. Even if you are not the responsible adult going with th
e group, make sure you know what path they are taking. They need to stick to familiar neighborhoods and well-lit areas.
3) Responsible Adult: Small children should never go t Trick-or-Treating alone - always make sure they are accompanied by an adult. If they complain that they are too old to for a chaperone, promise them that you will stay at least 10 feet behind them as to not embarrass them. If they insist that they must be without an adult, then make sure that they are going in a large group of people.

4) The Magic of the Cell Phone: We are lucky to live in a time where we have the ultimate tracking device on our kids. If you are not going to be with them, have them check in with you periodically on their cell phones. If they don't have their own, likely somebody in their group will.

5) Avoid Strangers and Animals: We figured it was okay to put these two in the same category. Your kids should know by now what "Stranger Danger" is, most likely because you have drilled it into their heads. One more time is not going to hurt though. Tell them if a stranger approaches them, whether to offer them candy, toys, or to play with their puppy, that they should run the other way as soon as possible. Also, make sure they are cautious of stray animals – whether it be wild animals or just pets, you never know which animals are trained and which could be potentially dangerous.

6) Inspect First, Eat After: Drill it into their heads that they should not eat any Halloween candy before bringing it home and allowing you to inspect it. Go through the pile and make sure that there are no opened wrappers or unwrapped candy. It helps to make sure they eat a good meal before they go out so that they aren't tempted to pick.

Although most of you have heard these rules before, and we can only imagine the rolling eyes you are going to get from your children, we only mention them because at one time or another, somebody has experienced the worst case scenario.

Trick or Treating is a great night for kids and a great way to explore your Elmhurst Neighborhood. It might even be a way to make some new friends if you are a new Elmhurst Home Buyer. To keep it a fun holiday, being extra safe is always better. Here is wishing every Elmhurst Resident a very safe and happy Halloween!

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