Okay Elmhurst, once again it’s time to let everyone know what you think!

The Elmhurst Patch has re-launched its Readers' Choice contest where you get to nominate and vote on the best places in Elmhurst, IL. There are 25 categories ranging from shopping and entertainment to health and beauty -- and more.

The nomination period ends July 9, so hurry if you want to put in the name of your favorite place (maybe a favorite Elmhurst real estate agency??). Go to the Elmhurst Patch website, click on a link in the list and type your name. You'll vote the same way.

Starting on July 10, the Patch will create 25 Readers' Choice polls listing the nominees from every category. From July 23 to August 17, you can cast your votes in as many different categories as you like. You can also put the word out on Facebook, Twitter or any other sites you use to get friends and family to vote. The polls will run live right up to August 17.

Winners will be announced on August 24, and we know there will be lots of celebration all over Elmhurst!

This is a really fun way to help support all the various businesses in your Elmhurst community, so be sure to participate.

It's so great to live in a place where neighbors support each other. If you’re looking to buy or sell Elmhurst real estate or properties in the surrounding area, contact the Gracik Makinney Group, or call (630) 567-5902.