Millennials are hitting the housing market and their unique needs and desires mean good news for cities like Elmhurst.
A recent article by the Washington Post ( coined the term “surban” to describe the type of town that is attracting millennials who are ready for the suburban life but don’t want to give up the amenities of an urban area.
They’re moving to the suburbs for the same reasons as other generations (less expensive housing, room to raise a family, good schools and parks) but they’re looking for more than a sleepy bedroom community: They want walkability, public transportation, ethnic restaurants, coffee shops, unique stores, and gourmet grocery options.
With our lively downtown, excellent school system, and prime spot on the Metra, Elmhurst is quickly rising to the top of Chicago suburbs for this generation.
The article points out that “surban” towns almost always have a college or university nearby (check!) along with quality daycare centers and upgraded playgrounds (check and check!). Other popular millennial amenities that we have include summer festivals, farmers’ markets, and a growing selection of microbreweries and wine bars.
This is the third straight year that millennials comprised the largest group of buyers (35 percent of all buyers), more than the combined number of younger and older boomers (31 percent) and more than Generation X (26 percent).
And while millennials are looking for a more urban-feeling suburb than past generations, they’re still relying on realtors for guidance and purchases. Todays supply shortages, strong competition, and conflicting internet information means a real estate agent is more valuable than ever.
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