As we head into May, the colors of spring are in full bloom. In Elmhurst, we’re seeing lawns growing lush and green, gardens sprouting flowers. Everyone wants to have the best lawn on the block, especially if you’re looking to sell in this spring real estate season.

Most people are shocked to hear how much value curb appeal can add to a home – in data collected from a survey, nice landscaping can add nearly $1,777 to your home’s value. By following these tips, you can easily up your curb appeal in just a day or two.

The landscape is the first area that catches a person’s eye. Give your lawn an upgrade by re-sodding bare areas. Keep your lawn neat and green by applying fertilizer every 6 weeks. Trimming shrubs and adding flowers gives an instant makeover. This adds color and helps to liven up the landscape as a whole. Annual plants tend to be less expensive, but will only last one season. Perennials are more of an investment plant – they come back year after year if planted correctly. Be sure to ask your local garden center if you have any questions about what tree, plant or flower would be best for your home.

Porches are a great place to spend your Elmhurst summer. Porch maintenance is important, because this area is exposed to all the harsh elements. Wooden porches should be cleaned and resealed on a yearly basis. If your porch is vinyl or composite, these should be washed at least once annually. Before washing, make sure to remove any debris off the area using a putty knife. Once this is done, you can begin washing the floor and railings. Be sure to use the cleaning product recommended for your porch. The same maintenance is recommended for decks as well.

Once you have your yard looking top notch, you want to show it off to the neighborhood. Do this by adding some outdoor lighting. By placing lights strategically outside, you can play up the architectural features of your home as well as accent your landscape. Additionally, extra lighting adds security to the home. Solar lights are popular now; these are a great choice because of their green energy source. LED lights are also recommended for outdoors. LED bulbs give off a warm light, recommended by lighting designers to best show off your home and landscape.

If you’re interested in learning about other outdoor improvements recommended for increasing your home’s value, we’d love to hear from you. All of us here at The Gracik Makinney Group are committed to helping our clients and keeping Elmhurst looking its best. Stop in for a visit at 190 North York Road here in Elmhurst, or give us a call at 630-441-5570, and let’s increase your curb appeal.