With a sigh of relief, residents of southwest Elmhurst can now move forward from planning to construction of the new Wet Weather Control Facility. The City Council heard from Alan Hollenbeck of the Wheaton-based design firm RJN Group that they have finished their studies and are ready to begin building. RJN Group received $488,000 for design, permit and bid preparation services for the project.

The $6.5 million project will increase the capacity of the Saylor and Jackson lift station as well as that of both gravity flow and pump-supplied sewer mains, and will add a 2-million-gallon storage tank at the wastewater treatment plant. A stand-by generator and a new control system will also be added. When completed, the station’s capacity will more than double. According to Hollenbeck, the fundamental principles behind the plan are redundancy and reliability.

Bids for parts of the project are currently being reviewed, and the remaining segments of the project will be out for bid by October. The City Council is expected to have approved all bids sometime in January. Alderman Jim Kennedy said earlier this year that the project should relieve flooding and sewer backups for as many as 2,300 homes in the area. When completed, it will cover an area that accounted for about 70 percent of the sanitary sewer backups that occurred following the July 2010 storm.

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