So you survived this winter and you’re ready for spring, but is your home ready? Now that it’s possible to be outdoors again, it’s time to get your home out of hibernation-mode as well. 

Changing the air filters on your air conditioning, and having a professional come take a look and make sure you’re in

good shape now will put you ahead of the game.   You’ll be thankful you checked it out beforehand when it’s pumping crisp and cold on those hot summer days. If you don’t have central air, now is a good time to shop around for updated energy-efficient window units that could save you money and keep you cool all summer long. After the winter, the last thing anyone will want to hear this summer is the complaint of being too hot!

Heavy snow fall and extreme weather like we’ve experienced this winter can do a number on your home’s gutters. Get the ladder out and give them a once-over. Clear any debris, and make sure everything looks strong and secure. If you’re opting to call and have someone else do this work for you, be sure they have insurance. It may be tempting to go with the neighborhood kid, or call that number from a Xerox in the market parking lot, but in the event of an accident it is far more costly than hiring a professional.

Avoid costly repairs by being proactive and conducting a seasonal roof inspection.  Look out for cracked caulk, rust spots, and weathered rubber boots on vent pipes. How are the shingles holding up? Do you see noticeable moss, or lichen build-up? If so, the roof could be decaying underneath. An annual spreading of any inexpensive moss-killer every spring can go a long way! Check the gutters for accumulation of the grit from the tiles.  If your tiles have become too stripped of these, they are not being protected from UV rays and it may be time to replace.  There’s no need to get up there and walk around, many of these can be checked off by standing on a ladder and taking a look from there.

Think your roof maintenance is too demanding? You can always follow Al Johnson’s lead. Beyond Swedish meatballs, Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant & Boutik has something that you won’t find in Ikea.  Known in Door County as “That Place with Goats on the Roof,” the restaurant owner's signature trademark originated when a friend bought Al a goat for his birthday. Someone joked about putting the goat up on the roof, and the rest is history.  Johnson bought the goat some friends, and now people travel from all over the country to see them. You can even see them right from your desk top! The website offers a Goat Cam.

More than just an entertaining attraction, a green roof actually has other benefits! They keep your roof cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and the city of Chicago even offers financial assistance to promote them.


If you’ve been thinking about selling, getting your home spring-ready can easily lead getting your home show-ready. For more tips on getting a show-ready home, contact the Gracik Makinney Real Estate Group at 630.441.5570, or visit us on the web at!