Selling your home this time of year is not as hard as it has been historically believed to be.  As we discussed last week, buyers who take time out of their holiday schedule and brave the cold and the snow to tour homes are serious buyers.  There are, however, a few things to keep in mind when you’re showing your home to buyers around the holidays. Here’s a list of pointers to prevent Santa from sabotaging your home sale:


Don’t over-do the exterior decorations. Sorry, Griswold! This year is not the year to illuminate the whole block. Too many lights and decorations (outside and in) can make the home look cluttered, masked, and personalized to your family.  You want buyers to see the home as a blank slate, and make it easy for them to envision their own holidays there.  

Do Try to think of your indoor decorations this year as accents, rather than features.

You’ll want buyers to be paying attention to your gorgeous hardwood and noticing the new countertops, not distracted by a life-sized talking Santa or your replica Leg Lamp from a Christmas Story in the front window.  Embrace your minimalist side this time, opt for subtle red bows, and flameless candlesticks for soft lighting and ambiance.

Don’t overwhelm the house with scents.  We know, Yankee Candle makes a Christmas Cookie candle that smells so real you want to eat the wax, but you don’t want to overwhelm buyers with anything, especially something that they could find off-putting or shorten their tour.


Do keep your gifts in a secure and hidden away location.  While its a common tradition to put presents under the tree (even if only for decorative purposes) weeks in advance, you want to keep your home as clutter free as possible.  Clear some room in a closet or the basement for that Red Ryder BB Gun, and the special box marked “FRAG-I-LE.”

Don’t take the height of your ceiling as a challenge to find the tallest tree you can fit. A large tree will take up space and make a room feel smaller than it is, and inversely a small tree can make a room appear larger.

At the Gracik Makinney Group, we want you to have festive and happy holidays without losing potential buyers.  Whether you are considering selling or buying, we are here to help. Visit us on the web at or give us a call at 630-441-5570.