If you're trying to sell your Elmhurst home sooner rather than later, take a look at your curb appeal. If it's right, you'll have interested buyers the minute they park in front of your house.

However, today's buyers often look at online photos before they get to the actual property, so your curb appeal must also come shining through in your listing photos.

Start with the following easy, no-cost options and then do more if needed.

  • Remove Window Screens – Screens make windows look dark in photos, and you want people to see your Elmhurst property as bright. Removing window screens will give your photos dimension, but remember to keep and reinstall all screens after the home sells. While your buyers likely won’t miss the screens during a showing, they will once they live there.
  • Water Bark Mulch – New mulch looks great and creates a nice clean appearance outside your home, while old mulch is not quite so attractive. Watering older mulch gives it a darker tone that will contrast with your greenery and make it pop. So pull out the hose and wet down your mulch both before taking the picture and before any showing.
  • Create A Stand-Out Walkway – Turn your front walkway into a path to a sale.  Clean, remove clutter and then jazz it up with potted plants or some colorful paint on the cement. Your photos will look better if you stand on a small ladder and take the picture looking down on the property or if you shoot from an angle rather than straight on.

As a seller, you want to make sure your Elmhurst real estate jumps out at potential buyers, and a great photo will make the buyer want to see more. Along with these tips, look for anything else that will get your home to stand out in the current crowded market and make your buyers fall in love at first sight.

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