You’ve heard the expression, “Cluttered house, cluttered mind,” but what other home characteristics are potentially enabling unhealthy habits?

Believe it or not, you don’t have to qualify for the show “Hoarders” to be negatively affected by your home setup. Consider some of these positive improvements for your home to boost a healthier, higher quality lifestyle for you and your loved ones:

Downsize your Refrigerator

It is much easier to cut down on excess junk, limit frozen items full of preservatives, and keep a clean and organized refrigerator when it is smaller in size.  Less room for storage means having to be more selective about your purchases, and that four pound bag of cheddar cheese won’t seem too reasonable anymore. In addition to the many health benefits of your new necessity-only fridge, you’re also reducing your carbon footprint, as well as your electricity bill. 

Keep the Dinner Table a Dinner Table

Nowadays it is more often a homework station, a place to pay bills, or write emails. Keep the table set with place settings, and try to reserve it for meals only. Keeping it in a prepared and inviting state will remind you to make family dinners a priority. If it looks more like a table at your favorite restaurant than a workstation, it will be much easier to frequently enjoy quality time over a home-cooked meal together. 

Zen-ify your bedroom

Clear surface areas, fewer distractions, more sunlight, and fresh linens. It is easy over time to clutter up the bedroom, have the TV on “just because,” let dust bunnies move in to those hard-to-reach spots, and go too long without changing up your bedding. These little things add up, and while you can’t put your finger on it in the moment, they are inhibiting your peaceful night’s sleep. Keeping these factors in focus and ensuring you’re giving yourself the best environment for a good night’s sleep will greatly improve not just your nights, but your days as well. 


Designate a Work-out Space

This can be an entire room in your home, or just a small corner if you’re tight on space.   Even if you prefer to work out in the gym, it is much harder to neglect your fitness routine when a yoga mat, free weights, and fitness DVD’s or magazines are right at your fingertips. Let a workout space inspire and motivate you!


Optimize your Outdoor Space

Balcony or backyard, patio or sprawling acres, make sure you’re making the most of your outdoor space. Particularly after this winter, spending time outside in the fresh air and sunshine is invaluable.  Update your patio furniture, install a hammock, or invest in some outdoor activity equipment and games. Make your outdoor space as inviting as a room in your home, and de-stressing will be as easy as walking out your back door.

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