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Jackson Elementary School

With the passage of November’s bond referendum, plans are now getting underway for upcoming changes in District 205. First up is the redrawing of three school boundaries.

Under the proposed new boundary changes, some students from areas now districted to Hawthorne and Jackson Elementary Schools will be attending Edison School. The district is trying to equalize student populations among all the schools, particularly as plans get underway for an all-day kindergarten option.

Current plans call for Jackson School to house a district-wide all-day kindergarten program; however, planning for that program can’t begin until space gets freed up. Superintendent David Moyer alluded to a potential rollout plan for the kindergarten program with the possibility of a lottery system if the demand exceeds space availability.

The proposed boundaries would affect Hawthorne students east of Kenmore Ave. who would be transferred to Edison, while families living east of York Rd. and west of Kenmore Ave. would have the option of sending their children to either Hawthorne or Edison.

Students living south of Butterfield Road on either side of Harrison St. would no longer be bussed to Jackson but would transfer to Edison. Those students would be able to choose between Bryan and Sandburg Middle Schools.

It’s important to note that anyone currently living in these impacted areas would have the choice between existing boundaries or the new ones. The new boundaries would only be mandated for people purchasing a home after June 1, 2022.

The district hopes to have a complete proposal to present to the school board before the March 18 meeting.

Other referendum developments in progress include the complete rebuilding of Field and Lincoln Elementary Schools, the two oldest schools in the district.

The $168.5 million bond issue passed last November after a three-year process of research, community input, and investigation. All changes are being made as part of the district’s master facilities plan.

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Edison Elementary School