So you're ready to make the move to Elmhurst from Chicago, but you're having a hard time selling your city condo. Where some might look at this as a setback causing you to put your plans on hold, more and more Chicago homeowners are finding a hidden opportunity in this circumstance.


Holding out for a good price on your home is understandable, and many young families who are ready to sell have seen a decrease in their property value from the time they purchased. You don't want to stall your future in a new town, but you also don't want to walk away from your investment right now. 

Enter the renters!
Chicago is full of high-earning and reliable young professionals who aren't quite ready to buy, but still value having a nice place to live, and want more than just an apartment. 
The city is having its peak year for condo rentals signed, with more renters signing condo leases in the first quarter of 2014 than any quarter in the past ten years.  This frees up the homeowners to break even or turn a profit on their city dwelling while they make their move.

If you feel like you're not equipped or up to the task of becoming Mr. Roper, fear not, there are property management companies who specialize in acting on your behalf and serving as the point of contact for your tenant.  Don’t let your current home stop you from moving forward.

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