Although you plan to stay in your Elmhurst, IL home for the foreseeable future, at some point you may want to (or have to) sell. So it makes sense that in addition to making you happy, any remodeling done to the home should both add value and be enticing to potential buyers.

Here are four renovations that will potentially cover all bases.

Amenities for Aging Owners – If you plan to live in the home as long as you can, or if extended family members will move in with you, there are specific remodels that can help you “age in place.” These include wider doorways to accommodate wheelchairs, putting in a bedroom on the home’s entry level, and modifying other indoor and outdoor areas to reduce or eliminate stairs. 

Because more extended families are living together and older homeowners want to stay in the home as long as possible, these remodels are now common and buyers have come to look for them in a prospective home.

A Family Kitchen – You want to create a space that will combine the cooking and eating areas, even if it means reducing the space where the food is prepared. Today’s buyers want room to gather for a meal and spend time together. Pantries and utility rooms are popular as are open shelving and islands that allow socializing with family and guests while preparing the meal.

Go High-Tech – Having your Elmhurst home wired and ready to handle today’s technology needs will absolutely add value, as many people are now working from their homes. If you have the room, put in space-saving workstations or a home office with large furniture such as floor-to-ceiling bookcases.

The Great Outdoors – Try to fully utilize any available outside space. One option is to fashion an outdoor living room on your deck or patio. The trend for these spaces is to set them up with wiring and amenities for cooking. Or you can bring outdoor furniture inside for a unique Elmhurst living space.

The trick with any remodeling effort is to balance what you like and want in your home with the things that will add value when it’s time to sell.  It can take a little time, but in the long run it’s worth the effort.

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