In early December, the US Census bureau released estimates from its American Community Survey, which offers combined statistics from 2007-2011 on a number of details ranging from housing to employment, and even marital status, in communities across the country. Here is some of what it has to say about Elmhurst.

Overall, it’s a very favorable report about our community. The median household income of $87,935 is well above the state average of $56,576, and 81.7% of us own our own homes, compared to 68.7% statewide. The good news continues with employment statistics. Of the city’s nearly 45,000 residents, 22,000 describe themselves as part of the civilian labor force. Of this number, about 20,776 are employed. That equates to an employment rate of more than 94% during the years of the recent economic downturn.

On a demographic note, of an estimated 15,692 households in Elmhurst, 11,091 – or more than 70% – are families. Of that number, nearly 5,000 have children under the age of 18. The vast majority of us, 91.5%, have lived in the same home for more than a year. In terms of the highest level of education completed, of the 28,191 residents ages 25 and older, almost 27,000 of us are at least high school graduates, and about 22,000 of us have completed additional education beyond high school. On average, those of us over the age of 16 spend almost 28 minutes on our commute to work.

Those of us who live here already know that Elmhurst is a very special place to call home; these numbers are simply the figures that back up the fact. Why not make Elmhurst your hometown, too? We can help you make the move. With community knowledge, industry experience, and personal dedication, the Gracik Makinney Real Estate Group is the perfect place to start to meet all of your real estate goals. Contact us today at 210 N. York Road in Elmhurst, or at (630) 567-5902.