Are you thinking of listing your house this spring? Great idea! It’s the best time to sell a home—the days are longer, the sun brightens up rooms, and buyers are eager to get settled before a school year. But as you assess what to do before you put your house on the market, we’ve got a few tips.

1. Beware the DIY

Before you try upgrading the electrical yourself or finally rodding out your plumbing line, stop and consider calling a professional. The money you save could also be money you have to pay back when a home inspection uncovers aspects of the house that aren’t up to code, and buyers can often quickly pick out projects done in a shoddy manner.

2. Don’t over-improve

Most people know that kitchens and bathrooms get the best return on the investment, however, a complete/gutted kitchen overhaul will only get you a 62% ROI while a minor remodel (cabinet doors, new countertops, new or newer appliances) typically returns 81% of the investment. Also, keep in mind comparable homes. Buyers of mid-market houses don’t expect top-of-the-line appliances, and by putting them in, you may find yourself priced out of your key demographic.

3. Fun amenities don’t appeal to many buyers

For some buyers, a swimming pool is the ultimate luxury, but for others it’s a liability or just another thing to take care of.Bidets, wet bars, and themed rooms also fall into this category.

4. Bold walls and floors

A room painted jade green or bright red might add a pop of color to a house, but it also makes the space seem smaller and can prevent buyers from imagining their furniture. Consider painting rooms in a neutral white, gray, or beige before listing. The same concept applies to carpeting. That bright blue carpeting in the bedroom might look great with your drapes, and the checkered carpeting in the family room might be a fun conversation piece, but for a buyer, it’s just one more thing to replace.

5. Over-decorating

You may love Precious Moments figurines, dried flowers, or three layers of draperies, but buyers have trouble seeing behind the visual stimulation. A good rule of thumb is to let in as much natural light and as you can and declutter surfaces as much as possible so buyers get a sense of how the space flows. The same goes for walls—limit your artwork or framed photographs.

Finally, listen to your real estate agent. We have years of experience in knowing what sells, and we genuinely want to help you get top dollar. We are happy to make recommendations, just don’t take them personally. Saying you need to weed out your bookshelves or take down framed family photos isn’t a reflection on you, it’s what will help your home sell quickly and at a good price.

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