fireworks3.jpgIf you’re a dog owner heading out to watch the fireworks, make sure to set them up for the night with some coping tips to ease the anxiety of the dreaded booms:

- They find small, enclosed spaces comforting, so a crate, laundry room, or gated off space in a dark room would be appreciated

- Set them up with their favorite toys, a bone, or treat

- Keep windows closed, if you have air conditioning that is a much better option

- Mask the fireworks a bit with other loud sounds. This sounds counter-intuitive, but playing the TV or music at a higher than normal volume, or throwing some tennis balls in the dryer, will create some more common and less threatening noises within the home to drown out the fireworks

- If you have a particularly nervous fur friend, there are canine wraps available like the Thundershirt

- Get them plenty of exercise during the day. Tiring them out will mean they don’t have the energy to be nervous and on high alert all night

- Make sure they are wearing a secure collar with name tag and phone number, the 4th is among the most popular days for dogs the fly the coop

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