Over seventy residents took part in the city council meeting focused on the future of downtown Elmhurst, in addition to an online survey, which tallied approximately 350 residents.  Of the fifty-three individual items that the surveying produced, those present for the meeting were responsible for narrowing the scope of concern to three main areas.

Those main concerns about the future of downtown Elmhurst included vacancies among retail spaces, a lack of variety between businesses, and a weak connection to other parts of Elmhurst.


The consultants will take the results of the surveys and public opinion into consideration and make their plan recommendations to the Zoning and Planning Commission.  Elmhurst residents will be able to hear just what the consultants came up with at a public hearing on the matter with the Zoning and Planning Commission as soon as October. 

 Other concerns which made the top five but not top ten list of concerns included traffic safety, traffic itself, and a need for performance arts space.

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