Elmhurst is preparing to unleash the hounds.
The park district has begun plans for an off-leash dog park at its recently acquired property at 0S761 Old York Road.
Upland Design of Plainfield will begin analyzing the site, collecting public input, and preparing preliminary designs. The park district hopes to have an idea of what they propose sometime in August.
The dog park is the result of the park district’s Vision 2020 survey, which identified off-leash dog parks, walking trails, and natural areas as high outdoor facility priorities.
The park district acquired the 3.41 acres in Nov. in exchange for the 2.9 acres of Golden Meadows Park, which will be used by the city for off-site storm water detention to relieve residential flooding issues in that neighborhood.
The property currently includes a small office building and a garage. It’s too soon to tell what the proposed cost will be, as much of that depends on what features the park will offer. Suggestions include separate areas for large and small dogs, type of surface, what trees (if any) need to be removed, and whether it will include water features.
Upland has already begun studying the property and gathering input. The district plans to have opportunities throughout the summer for residents to give their input. These will likely include open houses and online surveys.
Elmhurst is already a city with numerous parks (23 to be exact!) and a dog park will be a welcome addition. For more information about the many benefits of living in our city, please call us at (630) 441-5570 or reach out through our website, www.gmregroup.com.