The Elmhurst Community School District 205 board is one step closer to finalizing its master facility plan for upgrading facilities and services.

For the foreseeable future, the controversial question as to whether or not to redraw school boundaries has been shut down. Most boundary lines will remain the same; however, a small percentage of students from Hawthorne will move to Edison, and a small percentage of Jackson students will be bussed to Edison.

There is no timeframe for if or when this plan would go into effect. But any student currently attending either school would not have to change school. And there is the possibility that current homeowners would be grandfathered into their current home school.

The board is attempting to make class sizes more equal across the district.  This plan would redraw some school lines with minimal impact.

Other issues the school board has been weighing for the past three years include an all-day kindergarten program and two new school buildings (Lincoln and Field).

If the district wants to put it a bond referendum to vote in the November election, it has until Aug. 14. Otherwise, it will need to wait until 2020 or propose a referendum.

The board will be conducting a phone poll to approximately 300 residents for their input, and results will be provided by Aug. 9.

Items still under discussion include upgrade specifics, how to implement an all-day kindergarten (per school or at a central location), whether to rebuild or renovate Lincoln and Field schools, which are nearly century-old buildings, and the final cost.

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