If you want to know more about living in Elmhurst, or to discover the benefits of living and working in DuPage County, IL, check out the newly designed Choose DuPage website.

New features include facts and figures on each of the 39 municipalities in the County as well as information that will benefit companies, investors, business professionals and families who currently reside in or are relocating to DuPage County.

We truly live in a great place!  Communities in the County, including Elmhurst, are regularly voted as among the top places to live and work in the country. The new website highlights this, and also offers links for what ‘Choose DuPage’ describes as the three R’s: Resources, Reports and Regulations.

Site visitors can drill down to many specific topics such as business climate, quality of life, employment sectors, and transportation for each municipality or for the County as a whole.  There are also success stories of business that have set up shop in our County.

Greg Bedalov, president and CEO of Choose DuPage stated, “We truly believe in the value of our community and are proud to show it off. This website allows us to do just that, and show visitors that as the heartbeat of the Midwest, DuPage County is ideal for business and families.”

The website is maintained by the Choose DuPage organization, a public/private nonprofit entity that promotes the benefits of living and working in “the heartbeat of the Midwest.” 

Whether you’re a resident of Elmhurst or any other DuPage community, learn more about your County at Choose DuPage.  If you’re looking to buy or sell Elmhurst real estate or properties in the surrounding area, contact the Gracik Makinney Group, or call (630) 567-5902.