After this particularly wet summer we’ve experienced, it is nice to see the city taking action against future flooding problems, even if it does mean certain restrictions for single family home-owners. With the recent storms, one of which resulted in two to four inches of rain falling in period of five hours, a surge of complaints have inundated city hall officials to be more proactive against flooding. What some residents may not have anticipated was that the measures won’t necessarily be at the expense of the city, but rather a new restriction for the residents and homeowners themselves.

Lots that are 9,000 square feet or less are now limited to a 60% “impervious service” cap. Surfaces such as driveways, walkways, blacktops and patios don’t absorb water, and as the recent rainfall illustrated, it’s becoming more important to preserve enough surface area for flooding prevention.
There are, however, exceptions to these limitations. If storm water storage is provided, some homeowners may exceed the limit a bit. Detention drains, trenches, and rain gardens may be your saving loophole if this new ordinance was putting a damper on any of your upcoming home improvement plans.

In addition to the many creative ways to go about ensuring proper drainage, there are now paving surfaces that comply with the ordinance! Pervious Concrete Pavement is a new solution to meet our suburban needs while still protecting the environment. Porous concrete allows rain water to filter into the ground. This new material is the EPA recommended surface, and it's growing popularity is a promising sign that we are headed in the right direction.

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