Millennials are quickly heading into the real estate scene, with an impressive 56% planning to purchase a home in the next two years. (For more on this, see our previous post.)

But contrary to their heavy online presence, they remain decidedly traditional when it comes to buying a home. A recent survey found that 75% of millennials would rather work with a local real estate agent than use an online one, and 71% would choose a local mortgage lender rather than going through a website.

This shouldn’t be surprising, despite the proliferation of online services. As any homeowner knows, buying your first home can be overwhelming and daunting. And no website can provide the experience and expertise (and yes, peace of mind) that a real person can.

We like to joke that our job is half real estate agent and half therapist, but it’s true that buying and selling a home is an intensely personal and often emotional experience. And we don’t see that ever changing.

Of course, the internet plays an important part in anyone’s real estate transaction these days. It’s an invaluable resource for researching neighborhoods and a town’s amenities and schools.  However, when it comes to actually making a decision or working out financing, a personal touch is irreplaceable.

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