Bicycle commuting is gaining momentum nationwide, and here in Elmhurst it will soon be easier to get where you need to go by bike. The City Council recently approved a new Bicycle Plan that will include posting bicycle route signs and providing more bike racks throughout the city.

The Elmhurst Bicycle Task Force, chaired by Bob Hoel, worked over several years to develop the plan. According to Hoel, building a parking deck for cars can cost from $25,000 - $30,000 per space, and it may take years of shoppers and commuters using that space to pay for it. By contrast, even on the coldest days of winter, there are 30-40 bicycles parked every day at the train station.

Part of the plan calls for bicycle parking racks to be included in any new building or development, as well as providing more of them near shops and restaurants. “Elmhurst is laid out on a grid, and most streets are residential and quiet,” said Hoel. “People (who want to) should be able to get around the city without a car.”

Bicycle commuting is on the rise nationwide. According to The Washington Post, bicycle commuting in the US has increased more than 60% in the past twenty years. In Europe, commuting by bike is an integral form of transportation, perhaps because their winters tend to be milder, but also because the cities support it, making it a part of the lifestyle. In the Netherlands, for instance, nearly every political party is careful to include promises to enhance the bicycle commuting experience for residents.

In addition to saving money for the city, promoting bicycle commuting could save Elmhurst residents and businesses money, too. The most obvious is gas money and parking cost savings for commuters. According to Business Insider, bicycle commuters save both themselves and their employers some of the money typically spent on healthcare and loss of productivity as bicycle commuters tend to be healthier than car commuters. Uncle Sam even gets in on the act with a $20-per-month tax-free reimbursement for bike-related expenses.

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