It’s true, the Gracik Makinney  Real Estate Group has been on Facebook for a while. Visit the Gracik Makinney page for yourself. We love Facebook and use it to highlight our recent blog posts, industry news, Elmhurst & DuPage County news, and list open houses. It is a great way to quickly keep on top of what we have going on.

Our Facebook page isn’t meant only for us to talk to you. We would also really like to hear from you. Ask us some questions, comment about an open house you attended, or send us some pictures. Don’t be shy, we can only get better with great clients and fans. Here are some Facebook posting ideas:

  • When you are out and about and see a Gracik Makinney sign in a front yard, why not snap a quick picture with your phone, upload to Facebook, and tag us. While you’re at it, give us your first impressions of the house.
  • Attending one of our open houses?
    • Send us a quick note on Facebook to let us know when you plan to be at the house
    • Post some pictures of the house so everyone can get a first person viewpoint
    • Send us some feedback on how we did in showing you the home and answering your questions
    • Have a question on a property you saw for sale in Elmhurst? We know the city like the back of our hands, post your question to our wall and we’ll be sure to get back to you ASAP
    • If you see a house you want to tour while driving around DuPage County, take a picture and upload to or Facebook page with an address and we’ll get back to you with details
    • Show us how you define "curb appeal". Take a picture of a home whose landscaping, decorations, or overall charm appeals to the home buyer in you. It is always enlightening to see what people like in the way of curb appeal

Facebook allows you to quickly get information on homes or have real estate questions answered. Why not hop on the Gracik Makinney Facebook page and see how we may be able to help you buy or sell a home.