Have you given your feedback and recommendations to the city for the subarea sections of Elmhurst? If not, jump on your computer and then plan on heading downtown Tue. night to make your voice heard.

The city will hold an open house visioning workshop this Tue., Aug. 29, from 7 to 9 p.m., at City Hall, 209 N York St. All residents are invited and encouraged to attend.

The city is requesting feedback from Elmhurst residents, business owners, developers, and property owners to help guide city planners on what they would like to see in a 10-20 year vision plan for land use, transportation, infrastructure, character, and sense of place.

The resulting feedback will then act as a guidebook for improving these districts in the coming years.

The following areas are the focus of Subarea Plans:

  • York and Vallette business corridor
  • Lake Street corridor
  • First Street and York Street block redevelopment
  • Yorkfield Area
  • North Avenue and Route 83

Residents are encouraged to go online (http://www.hlplanning.com/portals/elmhurstsubareas/) and give their feedback and thoughts about the subarea plans before the Aug. 29 open house. There is also an online mapping tool (https://map.social/Community.php?CommunityID=121) where residents can share ideas and provide input.

The open house workshop will include a hands-on exercise where residents will work together to draw up what they think each subarea should look like in the next 10-20 years. According to the city, feedback from this workshop will have a direct impact on the recommendations, strategies, and policies included in the Elmhurst Subarea Plans.

The plans are expected to by completed by winter of 2017 and will ultimately be approved by the Zoning and Planning Commission and City Council.

Being able to voice your opinions and knowing that the city will value them is a valuable part of living in Elmhurst. To find out more about what makes living here so special, call us at (630) 441-5570 or visit our website at www.gmregroup.com