When potential buyers come to view your Elmhurst home at an open house, you want them to be safe. You also need to ensure, however, that your personal things are protected as well. Here are some tips for each situation.

To start, these three actions can help you avoid liability from someone getting hurt while viewing your Elmhurst property.

  • Check your outside areas. Fix loose or cracked steps leading to the house; if they’re at all slippery, put down rubber mats. Block off any potentially dangerous yard areas and be sure you have childproofed decks and pools.
  • Inside, cover any exposed wires and replace any fixture or wiring that’s unsafe. Move long electrical cords or phone cords out of walking areas, take up slippery throw rugs, and fix or replace any wall-to-wall carpet that’s loose. Handrails should be in place for those visitors who need to use them, and, of course pick up clutter for safety as well as looks.
  • Children often come to an open house, so be sure to lock up medicines, cleaning supplies, and household chemicals. Pets should be contained or removed so they can’t jump up on visitors.

The flip side is ensuring that you and your possessions are also safe during the open house. Sadly, there are unscrupulous people who will come to your Elmhurst open house to steal things. Or they will scope out the house so they can break in and steal from you later. Here's how to reduce your risk.

  • Keep valuables out of sight, preferably in a locked box.
  • Lock up credit cards, checkbooks and money.
  • Keep all expensive medications locked in a cabinet.
  • Remove high-priced clothing from closets.
  • Asking all your guests to sign a register might make a thief think twice about robbing you.
  • Never discuss your personal habits or schedule with visitors.
  • Walk the potential buyers around or at least keep them in sight at all times.
  • Have friends or relatives be on site during the open house, or consider hiring a private security service.

Following these suggestions will make your property safe for prospective buyers as well as for you and your belongings while you're in the process of selling.

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