Who will win, and who will be told to pack their pepperonis and go home?

“Top Pizza,” a District 205 Top Chef-style competition, will put local pizzerias toe to toe in a fight to determine who makes the best pizza in ELmhurst. The winner will be determined in a voting system among the taste-testing attendees.

Last year over 350 judges weighed in and Roberto’s took the distinuished gold metal for Elmhurst’s Best Pizza. Will they be able to defend their title as champion this year?

Give them your best Tom Colichio stare-down and join the judges tonight at 5:30 in the York High School Commons.  Admission is just $10, and that gets you a sampling of every pizza vendor’s best offerings. 

The Top Pizza event is hosted by the District 205 Foundation for Educational Excellence, and tickets are available at elmhurst205.org/foundation_pizza or at the door.

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