With the recent rainy weather that is not uncommon for this time of year, it is important to be proactive about water damage. Since water damage is the biggest threat to your home’s foundation, keeping the structural integrity of your home is worth the very minimal effort and low cost steps that any homeowner can take.

Here are some helpful tips for keeping your home free from flooding and water damage:

Sump Pump Testing
Don’t be the friend who only comes around when you need something, show your sump pump some attention and it will come through when you really need it. Take a few minutes to fill the sump pump pit with water, wait for the rise, and make sure the pump kicks on the water level falls, not unlike a flushing toilet.
If you have a back-up sump pump, this can be tested the same way.

Testing your sump pump is free, and the cost of failing to test it could mean basement flooding and all the damage associated with it.

When a storm hits, you will be glad you did not neglect this feature of your home.

Proper Drainage

Ensure adequate drainage with routine gutter cleaning, making sure your yard has a 6-in yard slope over a 10-ft span from your foundation, and keeping soil moisture levels from getting too dry.

These easy and low cost check-ups could save you from your foundation settling, cracks, and destabilization, which can result in huge repair costs.

Fix Water Leaks
Check for leaks and repair them as soon as they are detected to avoid rot, mildew and mold, or even termites.  Beyond noticeable drips, leaks can be detected by dark spots, toilets that rock, and stains on ceilings or under pipes.  A good roof check like we walked you through in a previous post will also stop potentially developing leaks.

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