o-MORE-DOLLS-570.jpgExpense was not the scary part of this historic mansion, listed at auction for a shockingly low starting price of $159,900. The home’s dark history has inspired many ghost hunters and paranormal investigators to both take interest, as well as heed warning, in the property.
Fit for the Addams Family or the Munsters, the three-story 4,960 square foot Victorian home was built in 1882 at 206 N. Broadway Street in Joliet.  Registered in 2002 as a National Historic Place, and known as the Hiram B. Scutt Museum, the foreclosed mansion had originally been a private residence, turned home for girls and women, then again a private residence.

The original owner, who served in the civil war before becoming a wealthy business owner, is among several who have died in the home.  In 2004, a college student was murdered in the home at a party.
When the mansion was purchased by a John Wilkes Booth impersonator in 2007 with the intention of turning the property into a Victorian museum, the new owner died suddenly at the age of 39, just 6 months after purchasing the estate.

Whether the mansion is actually haunted or not has been up for debate amongst believers and non-believers, but the eerie nature of the home’s “Doll Room” and current distressed state can be felt by all who enter. Groups of paranormal investigators believe the spirits of the children who originally lived in the home can be experienced there, with the doll room being of particularly high paranormal activity. 

Listing agent Maria Cronin couldn’t believe the amount of interest the home generated, holding several Open Houses which were largely groups or individuals looking to see signs of ghosts.  As for the sale, the final winning bid amount is unknown, though the listing agent did disclose that there was quite a bidding war, and it went for much higher than the auction’s starting price. The identity of the buyer is also unknown, though Cronin assures that the winning bidder has vowed to return the property to its’ original stunning condition.         


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