Selling a home, whether it’s in Elmhurst or anywhere else on the planet, can be a stressful time. You need to create a sense of possibility for prospective buyers by removing your own stamp from it, allowing buyers to imagine living their lives inside of it. That’s probably the easy part – maintaining that during the viewing process can be more difficult.

Think short-term. You’ll be moving soon, so don’t stock up at the market or warehouse store. Buy only what you’ll need for a week or two – you can always go back for more if need be. Besides, you don’t want to have to pay to move 50 rolls of toilet paper to your new home.

Simplify. Rather than clean two (or three) bathrooms, ask your family to all use just one. If you can negotiate this for a short stint, it will take you much less time to clean your home before a showing. Also, once you’ve done the deep clean on your home in preparation for listing it, consider getting in a cleaning service for a quick clean once a week or so to help keep it that way. It will free up time for you to focus on selling this home, and moving into your new one.

Get away from it all. Let a restaurant clean up the dinner dishes for you. Even take out meals are easy to clear away, and you won’t have lingering cooking smells in your kitchen. If it all gets to be too much, consider a short vacation. Just a couple of nights in a hotel in a neighboring city can help ease the pressure, especially if you can organize it for when there are a number of showings scheduled.

Most buyers won’t expect your home to be pristine, and if it’s a last-minute request for a showing, they’ll have to understand that you do in fact still live there. The best way to make it through the active selling process is to have a real estate professional in your corner. All of us here at The Gracik Makinney Group are ready to put our professional expertise and local knowledge to work for you. Give us a call at 630-441-5570, or stop by the office at 190 North York Street here in Elmhurst.