Marcucci homeFormer Mayor Tom Marcucci is one of Elmhurst’s biggest advocates, and not just because he served for so many years in public office here. The Marcuccis bought a home in Elmhurst in 1982 and carefully tended and extended it over the years to meet the needs of their growing family. Mayor Marcucci and his wife, Mimi, chose Elmhurst for a number of compelling reasons – the schools, the location, and the parks to name just a few. Their home on Charles Road is now up for sale, and it’s a great example of how the city itself has thoughtfully grown and developed over the years.

Chicago Magazine published a piece about the Marcucci home last week complete with a video interview with the mayor filmed in his home. The Tudor style property boasts leaded and stained glass windows, beamed ceilings, a phone booth, and its trademark checkerboard chimney. The square footage has nearly doubled over the years to accommodate five daughters, but the signature foyer with its winding staircase and sunlit windows remains unchanged. The expansions and improvements have been carefully completed to retain the integrity of its original style while incorporating the needs of modern family living

The Marcuccis paid $138,000 for the home in 1982 at half its current size and in need of attention. It currently lists for $850,000 primarily because the expansion in the early 1990s nearly doubled its square footage, and was thoughtfully planned to complement the original structure. The family acknowledges that the master bath and kitchen rehab done at that time could probably do with some updating now, but they’ve decided to let the new owners put their own stamp upon it. Instead, they replaced the 30-year-old roof and gutters, and took the kitchen and bath into consideration when setting their asking price.

The Marcucci home’s story is a wonderful metaphor for the city of Elmhurst itself. Tastefully conceived and carefully developed, the city continues to boast of great schools, an excellent location, and a thriving recreational base which taken together foster a richly textured community. The Gracik Makinney Real Estate Group is ready to help you make the move to Elmhurst, too. With community knowledge, industry experience, and personal dedication, our team is the best place to start on the road to your home ownership dreams. Contact us today at 540 South York St. in Elmhurst, or at (630) 567-5902.