Interested in pursuing a more low-carbon lifestyle but don’t know where to begin?  A senior energy analyst will be hosting a discussion at the Elmhurst ee.jpgPublic Library on September 9th.

 The “Cooler Smarter:  Practical Steps for Low-Carbon Living” author will guide you through the best ways to scale back your emissions by more than 20%.  Bring your friend who doesn’t quite believe each individual contribution can truly make a difference, and Rogers will make a believer out of them with his science-based studies and proposals for addressing the problems.  Becoming a part of the solution is easier than you think, and the techniques you’ll learn will put you on your way to better living and giving back to the environment for future EnergyEfficiency.jpggenerations.

Not only will his effective methods reduce your carbon footprint, but they will save you money, too! The event is free, but you’ll want to RSVP to guarantee your spot.  The seminar will begin at 7pm next Tuesday in the Elmhurst Public Library Large Meeting Room.

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