Elmhurst’s York High School can now add sustainability efforts to their stellar list of standout accomplishments.  The school’s own ECO Club joined forces with a non-profit educational organization by the name of Earth, Wind, and Solar Energy to install solar panels on the top of the school’s aquatic building.


Funded mostly from a grant by the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation in part with a contribution from the York ECO Club, the solar panels energy generation can be viewed online by anyone, and the data will be used for research by the school’s environmental classes and ECO Club.

The installation of the solar panels and the data the club is able to generate from them will give the students a leg up in an annual competition held in April where teams build models of LEED Certified buildings.

Their green efforts will not go unnoticed, and District 205 is ahead of the curve, as many municipalities are beginning to require certain sustainability and eco friendly elements to new structures.

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