hillcottage4.jpgHill Cottage, Elmhurst’s oldest residence and home to writer Carl Sandburg, is for sale.

Originally a tavern and an inn, Hill Cottage was built in 1843, when this magnificent 19th century gem was once a stagecoach stop between Chicago and Fox River Valley.

The tavern pre-dated the town of Cottage Hill, which was named after the establishment, to later be re-named hillcottage.jpgElmhurst. Without a doubt, this structure served as the springboard for the future of Elmhurst as a community.

Currently listed for $750,000, there is no current protection of the historic integrity of this property as it stands today.  Owners consent is required to designate a structure as a historical landmark, and while city representatives claim there hasn’t been much expressed interest to preserve the home, Elmhurst Historical Museum board members say that isn’t so.  
hillcottage2.jpgSo why hasn’t the owner applied for the designation? Often homeowners have misconceptions about what changes or updates can be made to their home under the protection of the Preservation Act. There are at least 50 other homes or structures in Elmhurst that would qualify for preservation, and it may just be a matter of educating homeowners on the hillcottage3.jpgprocess.

With no historic landmark designation under the current seller, many hope that the property is purchased by someone with a sense of nostalgia and strong appreciation for historic value.

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