DiplomaIt’s no secret that Elmhurst has a terrific public school system. Recently, the high school has received top rankings within the state, as well as honors with the Grammy Association. York High School has a history of being a great school; many talented individuals have graduated and gone on to become influential members of our society. This summer, York High School and District 205 have announced their first nominations to their Hall of Fame. This group of eight honorees separate themselves from the rest through their extraordinary accomplishments and dedication to society. Plans to formally honor these individuals will take place this upcoming November.

Ron Guenther graduated from York High School in 1963. Before his recent retirement, he worked as athletic director for the University of Illinois. At the university, Guenther was a key player in increasing endowments from $2 million to an astounding $40 million! He also raised another $300 million for capital improvements at the school. Guenther is also the mastermind behind the model program for producing outstanding student athletes. His achievements at University of Illinois have definitely made a lasting legacy!

From the Class of 1962, Dr. John Baumrucker is a medical doctor who’s done extraordinary volunteer work. He volunteered in Bolivia for 14 years, where he provided medical equipment and supplies totaling over $1 million. He also assisted in the building of schools, clinics and homes there. His projects included a foster home for at-risk boys, which the doctor donated $20,000 of his own money. Currently, the home cares for 21 boys, aged 8 to 18. Dr. Baumrucker also took part in a program that gave medical students the chance to work and gain experience in third world countries. His service and dedication to those less fortunate is truly commendable.

President and CEO of the First Amendment Center in Washington, DC, Ken Paulson, is a York alumni from the Class of 1972. In addition to his CEO duties, Paulson serves as dean and professor at Middle Tennessee State University’s College of Mass Communication. Back in his York High days, Paulson was the student newspaper editor. He used this experience later, as founding editor of USA Today in 1982. He later served as editor-in-chief of the newspaper. Today, he remains a columnist for the paper, writing about First Amendment issues and the news media. A great example of utilizing high school extracurricular activities to gain experience for your future!

Dr. Peter Holbrook, York’s Class of 1962, is a pediatric critical care physician. He developed procedures to treat critically ill children. These procedures have become so successful that there are now 1,800 Critical Care pediatricians trained in these methods, making it the fourth largest pediatric sub-category. He was also behind the Division of Critical Care Medicine at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC. Dr. Holbrook is a tremendous asset to today’s pediatric care!

John Hagstrom is a member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and a graduate of York’s Class of 1983. Hagstrom attended Eastman School of Music for five years. He went on to the United States Marine Band in Washington, DC for six years, three of which he was principal trumpet. He remains dedicated to music performance in Elmhurst, making trips to work with York musicians. You can also catch him performing solos with high school musical groups during concerts.

York High School’s Class of 1946 included Dr. Charles Tilly; a comparative and historical sociologist, social theorist, political sociologist and methodological trendsetter. Dr. Tilly passed away in 2008, but left a legacy as “an intellectual global powerhouse.” He contributed 51 books and over 600 articles to the field of sociology. He also directed over 200 doctoral dissertations. Tilly traveled the world to lecture at various universities. He changed the way the world viewed sociology, and his works led to the development of seven subfields in sociology.

Dr. Claudia Lucchinetti is an international leader in the central nervous system demyelinating disease research. She is an expert in immunopathology, experimental neuropathology, neuroimmunology, and clinical neurology. An alumni from York’s Class of 1982, Dr. Luccinetti now works as a full-time clinician, researcher, and professor of neurology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.

Dr. Sidney Carne Wolff was a member of the Class of 1958. Dr. Carne Wolff is the author of two astronomy textbooks and the founding editor of the Astronomy Education Review. She is considered an expert on A-type stars. Dr. Carne Wolff has served as director of the National Optical Astronomy Observatories, which has three national centers. She was fundamental to the establishment of large optical telescopes in the Andes. Her achievements have led to the observation and mapping of the Southern Hemisphere sky.

What fantastic achievements from York alumni! At Gracik Makinney Group, we congratulate each of these Dukes of Elmhurst. York High School is just one of the many reasons to live in our great community. If you’re looking to move into Elmhurst, contact us today at the Gracik Makinney Group. Call us today at 630-441-5570 or stop by our office right here in Elmhurst at 190 North York Road.