If you attended a Taylor Swift concert this past tour, you may have seen Brett Eldredge opening for her. Eldredge is an Elmhurst College alum, who began singing in his preschool days growing up in Paris, Illinois. Throughout his childhood, Eldredge would perform classics such as “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” and “The Star-Spangled Banner” at family gatherings. Later, he would sing the National Anthem at major events, including sports games. Recently, he sang the anthem at the Country Music Assocation’s Country Music Festival in Nashville, TN, in front of 60,000 fans.

When Eldredge applied to Elmhurst College, he was already very interested in music and performing. He was drawn to the college by its strong music and music business program. The proximity to Chicago was also beneficial, since Eldredge’s brother was living there. Elmhurst felt like home to the singer; it reminded him of his small town.

While studying at Elmhurst, Eldredge sang in the vocal jazz groups. One of his most influential mentors was his professor, Susan Moninger. She taught him tricks and tips to help make him a more polished singer; tips that he still used today.

Eldredge spent two years at Elmhurst College, when he took the jump to Nashville to start his own musical career. He wanted to establish himself as a country songwriter and performing artist. By 2010, Eldredge had a recording contract with Atlantic Records. His song “Raymond” reached number 23 on the country charts, establishing him as a country artist. His newest single is “Don’t Ya,” a song that’s quickly climbing country music charts.

You can purchase Brett Eldredge’s debut album Bring You Back in stores now. The night of his album release, Eldredge was in New York to headline at Highline Ballroom. The next night, he appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. His TV appearances continued that week. He was also on Today and Live with Michael and Kelly.

Since leaving Elmhurst, Eldredge’s rise to fame has been a wild ride. He had 19 stadium dates with Taylor Swift this year. His current single is still climbing the charts. He’s put in years of effort, and still has much he wants to do. Eldredge’s goal is to one day sell out stadiums and tour overseas. He hopes to keep his enthusiasm for the art and continue putting his full energy into his career.

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