Good news for Elmhurst residents: the city has completed much of its promised stormwater improvement projects, meaning a majority of the homes in Elmhurst are no longer in danger of flooding.

The Crescent/Cambridge project, a stormwater basin in York Commons Park is now operational, and the sluice gate is functional. The installation of the concrete wall cap is nearly complete in half of the Harrison St project, and the other half is underway. Grading and landscaping will be completed once the entire wall cap is complete.

The Madison Early Childhood Education center project is complete and operational, with grass already growing in the basin south of the center.

The Pine Street/Avon Road project is finishing final landscaping and grading and is otherwise fully operational. And the police station rain garden has been complete and bursting with new plantings since June. 

So far, Elmhurst has spent or allocated nearly $30 million on large-scale flood control projects, most of which protect groups of homes in the areas most impacted by flooding.

However, some individual homes are still faced with potential overland flooding and city officials are trying to determine a solution that is effective and financially reasonable.

One estimate for work on a single home came in at around $55,000 per home. However, the cost per home for large-scale projects is realistically more at $86,000 per home.

Such individual projects including foundation sealing or “wrapping” barriers, flood-proof windows and doors, and revisions to below-grade window wells or doors.

There are more than 170 homes scattered in Elmhurst that would be eligible for the individual renovation projects.

City officials are now debating how to best pay for the needed modifications. Suggestions range from city funding to individual reimbursement over the course of 10 years. Officials are now reaching out to a company to determine how other municipalities have paid for or reimbursed individual homeowners.

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Elmhurst has made remarkable strides to cost-effectively and responsibility solve almost all of the city’s past flooding issues. And we’re proud to live in a city that won’t give up until everyone is guaranteed a dry house.

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