Sometimes a good drink brings out the best in people.

Hops for Humanity, a local philanthropy group, recently donated $10,600 to We Grow Dreams, a West Chicago-based organization that provides job training and employment opportunities in the greenhouse industry for people with disabilities.

Hops for Humanity is an Elmhurst-based nonprofit that combines the spirit of giving with the love of craft beer. Members meet four times a year at a local restaurant or brewery and donate $100 each to a charity voted on by the membership. The combined amount of the donations goes directly to the local charity.

We Grow Dreams is the tenth charity to be awarded a donation since the group’s inaugural award in January 2015. Don Haraf awarded the prize to We Grow Dreams at the Red Arrow Tap Room in downtown Elmhurst, the recently opened craft beer pour-your-own establishment.

Any member of Hops for Humanities can present and nominate a charity. Only charities in Elmhurst or ones that benefit the great Chicago area are considered.

Previous charities recognized include Family Shelter Service, Marklund Children’s Home, Let It Be Us, One Step Cancer Camp, SurvivorVision, Elmhurst Lions Club, Alyssa Alvin Foundation, and the DuPage Senior Citizens Council.

We Grow Dreams has identified more than 45 specific jobs for the job-training program, including ones in gardening, greenhouse work, and craft programs.

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