Ideally, schools create kids who are actively engaged, excited to learn, and able to adapt to numerous situations. Elmhurst District 205 is working to ensure that happens for all of their students.

Superintendent David Moyer recently presented school board members a mid-year report on steps the district is taking to prepare students to live in a global world that is in constant communication.

One of the ways the district plans to do that is to increase student engagement across the board. Moyer pointed out that this is a dramatic shift from focusing on what is being taught to what is being learned.

The changes have already begun with the implementation of Chromebooks to all students in grades 6 to 12, increasing the number and quality of writing assignments from students in kindergarten through fifth grade, and the launching of the Middle School Task Force to study how to improve the experience for students in those grades.

To determine which practices have the greatest impact on student learning, Moyer proposes doing a large-scale analysis of research on student learning, rather than relying on shorter, more focused studies. He has also implemented Focus 205, a joint community and district project, which will look at how Elmhurst schools should look and function in the future.

Moyer pointed to the success of Elmhurst students and schools, reporting that far fewer students are falling behind. He also recognized the imperative for raising the bar and closing the achievement gap for all students. 

Residents can find more on the district website, including action plans for all parts of student engagement, at

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