We’ve all been there.  You’re standing in someone’s home and you suddenly feel the need to check a calendar.  Have you travelled back in time to the 19070’s, or has avocado green come back in style? Is this pale pink and gold bathroom Scarface-inspired, or is it 1980 once again?

While its only natural to notice (and judge) the most outdated of styles in the homes of others, many of us are not exactly on the cutting edge of interior decorating either.  It can be hard to keep up with the latest, so every now and then it may be a good idea to consult an expert.

How can you tell if your bathroom is outdated?

- Flooring such as carpet or linoleum are ready for retirement.
- Too much color, or too little color. That may sound tricky, but an overly-sterile white bathroom of white walls and white toilet, white fixtures, can be just as bad as ‘all pink everything’ powder rooms of yesteryear.
- Hollywood Lighting, or any lighting fixtures that have not been replaced with a new look in the past ten years or so, can not only be unflattering for your reflection but also make your bathroom look dated.


Your bathroom, one of the easiest rooms to neglect when it comes to updating to the latest modern amenities, can soon go from eyesore to enviable with some helpful tips from a pro.
Elmhurst resident, Gracik Makinney Group client, and talented interior designer Linda Fougerousse will be giving a tell-all presentation on bathroom renovations this weekend at the Pheasant Run Resort.
“The Old House New House Home Show” (don’t ask us to say that three times fast!) will feature Fougerousse’s “Beautiful Bathroom” workshop. You can catch the workshop Saturday and Sunday at 1pm at booth #512, where she will also be raffling off a $500 certificate!

If you have questions about your Elmhurst home, or know someone who is looking to relocate to the area, we are always happy to help. Give us a call at 630-441-5570 or visit us on the web at www.gmregroup.com