Every summer, Gracik Makinney Real Estate Group likes to take a look at the real estate market. We compare this year’s real estate market to last year’s market in order to gauge how Elmhurst real estate is performing and what opportunities exist to better serve our clients. Here are some points on which we focus:

  • Number of houses sold in Elmhurst already in 2011, as compared to 2010, is down 3.9%
    With the large amount of homes on the market, we are seeing a decrease in homes sold. This indicates our clients are not rushing to buy and are weighing their options carefully. Our sellers, on the other hand, are greatly motivated to put their home in the best light. We are helping buyers and sellers adapt to the market to get the most value for their home buy or sale.
  • Average sales price of homes in Elmhurst for 2011, as compared to 2010, is down 8.3%
    Clearly this is a benefit to home buyers in Elmhurst. Great homes are available for values seldom seen. We sift through the glut of properties on the market to find the perfect home for our clients.
  • Median sales price of homes in Elmhurst for 2011, as compared to 2010, is down 11.2%
    As home values ebb and flow, Gracik Makinney stays on top of market data. As this stat indicates, we see sales prices hovering lower this year. It takes a skilled agent to sell a home in this type of market.

Elmhurst market stats rarely favor both buyers and sellers. It is our job to understand these trends and monitor on a daily basis. We provide realistic advice and an approach unique to our client’s needs. Buyers can see great value in 2011 while sellers will be promoting their home’s values at a much deeper level than previous years.

June Swoon? Not for Koenig & Strey and Gracik Makinney 

For this June, 2011, the Koenig & Strey Elmhurst Office, of which Gracik Makinney is a part, processed 62 new transactions at just over $21 million in sales volume. This represents the office’s best June since 2007 and the third best monthly total in the last 48 months. June speaks for itself and we are expecting the same returns as the year goes on.

Finally, Gracik Makinney is becoming the go-to real estate agency in Elmhurst. In 2010 we received a total of 42 contracts for the entire year. However, 2011 is different. As of June 30, 2011 we have 42 contracts. We are outperforming the Elmhurst market real estate trends and home buyers and sellers are turning to Gracik Makinney Real Estate Group for our successful results and reputation.

Our hard work is really paying off and it couldn't have been done without our great clients who are truly appreciated!