Do you know what Elmhurst’s subareas are? Do you have an opinion on how to improve and/or preserve them?
Plans for five business zones in Elmhurst, dubbed “subareas,” were presented at an open house last week, and they are impressive. Elmhurst planners, consultants, and residents have been working for a year to brainstorm and draft proposals for the zones, analyzing their strengths and challenges regarding transportation, infrastructure, character, land use, and a sense of place. Planners will then draw up a set of goals for each area so private and public-sector improvements can take advantage of assets.
The subareas being evaluated include:
·      Lake Street, west of York Street
·      The intersection of North Ave. and Route 83
·      The block northwest of the intersection of First and York streets
·      The blocks surrounding York and Valette streets
·      The district bounded by Butterfield Road, Roosevelt Road, and York Street
To read about and visualize some of the recommendations and suggestions, visit and read the draft plan. Comments will be reviewed through May 18.
You can also visit and add comments. The map graphically shows which areas are considered community assets and which ones residents/planners feel have safety hazards or room for development.
Community outreach has been an important part of the process and there has been extensive outreach to the public to drive vision and policy recommendations.
The process has been long and ongoing. Planning began a year ago with an anticipated completion date in 2018. Final plans will be approved by the Zoning and Planning Commission and City Council.
We love how Elmhurst is constantly striving to improve itself and how residents are included in the decision making. To find out more about what makes our city such a great place to live, call us at (630-441-5570 or visit our website