City people and suburb people tend to remain in opposite camps regarding their locations, each side defending its lifestyle.

City folks point to walkability, good restaurants, access to art and culture, and a diverse mix of residents. Suburban proponents point to good schools, bigger houses, and more yard space. But at certain predictable moments in life, city people may find themselves becoming suburban folks.

Studies point to families with one to two children as being the most likely to make the move. Families, who may enjoy raising a child or two in the city, often want to move before kindergarten starts. The sweet spot is to not move too early but not too late.

But what makes people pull up their roots and make the move? Chicago-based Suburban Jungle works with families considering a transition from downtown to the suburbs. The company helps people decide not only when the time is right, but also what suburb is right for them.

And while many city residents fear missing out on social factors downtown, many suburbs feature miniature downtowns that allow families to enjoy the best of both worlds. The isolated suburban town is often an unfounded stereotype.

Elmhurst offers a wide variety of excellent and ethnic restaurants, four museums, numerous art performances, award-winning parks, and a four-year college that brings in world-renowned speakers and performers throughout the year.

And of course Elmhurst is situated on the Metra line, allowing residents easy access to downtown happenings.

In addition to family-friendly, single-family homes, Elmhurst has a wide range of apartments, condos, and townhouses surrounding the downtown area. So if you’re looking to downsize and enjoy city living, you don’t need to move to downtown Chicago. You can move to downtown Elmhurst and enjoy the same amenities.

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